The ideal explainer video length

Explainer videos have become an important marketing tool. Within a shortest time, this video can engage customers and can explain an ideas or products. But what is exactly the shortest time? Is there any ideal explainer video length? You might wish to put every word that comes in your imagination but that may make your video less attractive and effective. Three things actually determine perfect video length i.e. Purpose, Audience and Scope.


Purpose is the most significant factor for your explainer video. You must determine in which purpose you will use your explainer video. Is it for trailer or for a product demo? Is it for education purpose or for training? Some points are discussed below-

Teaser Trailer (one minute)

Generally, teaser trailer is short and it aims to captivate the viewer’s attention. This is better if you have a product and you wish to create interest.

Product Video (2 minutes)

The optimum time for the animated explainer videos & corporate video production video should be two minutes. Two minutes is not long time but you can describe your product’s quality within this time. You can use this explainer video if you want to summarize your product. By these two minutes, you can inform your audience how does the product work and what is the problem and how to solve the problem.

Educational or Training Video (3 minutes or above)

For educational or training videos you should put everything you need. So, there is less scope to make those videos shorter but it will be better if the videos are made as short as possible.


You should make your videos according to your audience. You must consider the age and profession of your audience. You should ask yourself about your audience like; are they teens or students? Are they executives? These factors will determine your video length.


If your product is new, you need more time. On the other hand, if your product is familiar to your audience you can make one minute video.