Why MacRo

Frederick Commercial Real Estate and Land Expertise. Strong Relationships. Exceptional Service.


Frederick commercial real estate and land. That’s what we do. Every day. All year.

MacRo is Frederick County and Frederick City’s go to brokerage for value-added commercial real estate and land transactions. From negotiating your first office lease and selling or leasing your office space to enhancing your investment portfolio and listing your family farm, MacRo will maximize the value of your assets.

By partnering with MacRo Commercial Real Estate, you’re choosing:

  • People over property. The commercial real estate and land business is not only about bricks and mortar or rolling acres of land. It’s not about closing a single transaction. It’s about the people behind the building or farm. It’s about a lifetime of strong contracts. We operate with the big picture in mind. Our core commitment to personal service and building strong, long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships sets us apart from other local and national brokerages.
  • Regional over national. By partnering with MacRo, you get the best of both worlds—deep Frederick County and Maryland market understanding and a team with its finger on the pulse of national trends and big data. To successfully navigate a market that is changing and evolving as you read this, you need folks on your side who know it inside, out and upside down. That’s MacRo.
  • Tailored over one-size-fits-all. Every person, property, buyer and tenant is unique and requires a tailored approach for success. We believe in our approach but not in blindly applying it the same way to every situation, every time.
  • Straight talk. We always tell it like it is. If our approach isn’t working, we’ll look at the data and make a change. We expect you to push us and it’s our job to push you. That’s how great transactions get done. That’s how relationships produce.
  • Inbound over outbound. MacRo operates at the cutting edge of commercial real estate and land marketing. Many local CRE and land brokerages rely too heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and outbound tactics like direct mail and print advertising. MacRo employs an integrated marketing approach that will “touch” your target audiences across multiple communication channels, including inbound techniques that draw qualified leads to your property through great online content and information.