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MacRo, Ltd. Celebrates Two Key Staff Member Anniversaries

Our land and lot guru, Vice President Dave Wilkinson, reaches the 30-year mark and our General Manager/CFO, Sherri Mercer, completes her 10th year with the firm!

Throughjnd2.8在线预测 real estate booms, busts and booms again, not to mention a pandemic along the way, the crew at MacRo Commercial Real Estate continues to mature in their roles – not so much in age, but surely in wisdom.

It was the summer of 1991, and the little startup of MacRo, Ltd., was a mere 9 months old.  Rocky Mackintosh had just moved on from a larger family real estate business he started in downtown Frederick in 1980.  “Officeless” and with one employee, he set up shop in his home as he sought out a new home for the fledgling firm.   But he needed an assistant, someone he could mentor – show him the ropes, as they say.

It didn’t take long before Dave Wilkinson walked in for an interview, and a match was made.  Dave, a home grown natural for the real estate world, had just finished a couple of gigs as a director of marketing on a local office/warehouse project and another as a community manager with a local property management firm.  One thing he knew for sure, he did not want to be a community manager any longer!  But, when it came to “DIRT” (aka farms, land and lots), he was a natural.  It has now been 30 years since Dave became an integral part of the MacRo team, and his value to his loyal clients and customers has grown stronger over all those years.  His dedication and honesty have earned him great respect among his fellow land and commercial brokers, contractors, city and county officials, and more particularly, those in the Frederick County Agricultural Land Preservation office, where he has assisted many families in making their farms a lasting legacy.  At the same time, he is clearly one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the county when it comes to creating rural lots.  No doubt, he is the go-to guy in that arena.  As state and county subdivision regulations get tighter every year, those with such expertise become harder to find.  As a former rugby player, he’s someone his clients can count on to drive the ball down the field.  Dave and his wife Tammy live in Frederick County and have raised three wonderful children.

In the summer of 2011, many in the real estate world around the globe were just coming to grips with the fact that the bubble that grew in the early 2000’s had really burst (some of us didn’t want to believe that the land and commercial real estate market wasn’t going to bounce right back!).  The MacRo team sought to recharge existing and several new marketing projects.  What was needed? A strong and resourceful person to manage accounting functions, a new website, marketing efforts, staffing, property management responsibilities … not to mention coordinate the firm’s listings, sales and leasing contracts.  Simply put, MacRo needed a General Manager!  And then along comes Sherri (not to be confused with the 1966 hit by the Association “Along comes Mary”).  Sherri Mercer fit right into the team’s culture and she took charge right way.  She joined the firm with a strong depth of knowledge in the field as a former vice president of operations for a privately held real estate acquisitions, development and residential construction company for 10 years.  She has served as the steady hand behind the scenes at MacRo for the last 10 years, and we hope she continues the great work for at least another ten!  Sherri has been a life-long resident of Maryland.  She lives in Frederick County, where she raised two children and now enjoys her seven grandchildren.

The team at MacRo, Ltd. congratulates Dave Wilkinson and Sherri Mercer for their many years of dedication to the firm, industry and community!  We hope our readers will do the same!

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  1. Ric Paxton

    To the MacRo Team,

    Congrats on the respective Anniversaries of Dave and Sherri!! You all Rock! More so than The Association!!


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